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Was with someone for 7 years that ended with me being disillusioned and bitter. Been single ever since and while I don't mind being alone whatsoever I would like to see if there is anyone out there that could make my life a little happier. I have a weird sense of humor and need someone to laugh with. In reality I'm probably a psychopath but I don't pretend to be anything I'm not, I'm insane and I know it. I need someone understanding of this lunacy or even better a partner in it. I also am married to my board so it really is necessary that my partner rides also. It's something I'm deeply passionate about and would love someone who feels the same. I travel around the country and soon the world to chase it. It changed my life for the better and I find travelling for the purpose of riding is special. I have an interesting history and need someone who can relate or at least understand this. I've never been nor espouse to be an angel. Hobbies: Snowboarding, Back Country Snowboarding, Snowboarding trips, More Snowboarding, Downhill mountain biking (during summer), fishing, poker, shooting guns, fires with friends, dirtbike riding, gym, and I kind of like snowboarding.

What I am looking for

I need a girl that isn't the usual girl I guess. The typical northeast girl in my experience is a little cold and demand an awful lot while not offering much. I don't do the whole ask permission thing alot of couples do. I'm pretty independent and do my thing but it doesn't go one way. I respect my partners independence also and don't suffocate. You don't need to ask me to do anything and I expect the same treatment. I don't play games and have a strict zero tolerance policy on drama. If it starts, I'm gone, no arguing no banging head against wall, I'm out. Be honest, be loyal, and just relax. High strung, high maintenance princesses need not apply. Fitness is important, I eat well, exercise and ride alot, and I really want my partner to share these values. I don't smother get jealous or possessive and I expect the same attitude. If you are anti-cannabis in any way do not apply. It has been and will be a big part of my life. I work legally with several medical producers and if you can't be around it routinely it probably won't work out. Physically I'm pretty open minded, but I do obviously have preferences. I'm a sucker for blondes, this much is true. Personality is the heaviest weighing factor. If your just a cool chick who can relax, have fun, laugh, and most importantly snowboard that's all I really want. I need someone who shares my passion for riding and is willing to travel the world to do it.