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    5 ft. 4 in.
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    Bachelors Degree
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    Self Employed
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Someone who respects all living things, and realize that life is not always a fairy tale, but still enjoy it no matter what. It does not have to be someone who is perfect, because defects are sometimes what make us human.
I'm one of those people who, when they love someone then I would do anything for them.
I am a person who is very easy to adapt to any situation that life has to offer. I love to laugh, have a decent sense of humor. I'm taking care of myself, eat healthy, exercise regularly. I'm curious to learn about different cultures and customs.

I love animals, which is why it is sometimes difficult to find a man of similar beliefs. Also I love nature, long walks, books, history. One of my dogs recently became paralyzed in the rear legs. But I love him and I'm ready to take care of him. I must say that it is not easy, and that's why I want to meet someone who can understand that kind of commitment.

What I am looking for

Honesty. You must love animales, specially dogs, and nature. Understanding and compassion